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I am Caleb, the lead photographer of Ewings Photography, husband and father. Florida native, I’ve been in Washington since 2011 and EP was established in early 2019.  I fell in love with photography when I was about 18 but didn’t take the opportunity to get a camera until 10 years later. 


I never really expected to become a photographer and didn’t anticipate loving it as much as I do. I take pride in my work as well as my client’s experience. This has now evolved into my healthy addiction to create and produce the best work in every photo session and edit that I can.


I enjoy learning more about photography and growing every chance that I get by staying diligent in attending a variety of opportunities to develop new and refined skill sets. As an adventurer and lover of new things, getting out and about and trying a new photo concepts is one of my many life joys.


I enjoy doing studio work and capturing those pure candid moments that will last a lifetime. So when you are ready to connect please click the button below! I look forward to working with you!!​

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"Capturing your special moments "

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